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Oooo~ the third episode is looking good so far. I like how it keeps the cel-shaded look of the original two episodes, but done much more fluidly. Your animation and lighting has improved a lot since you made those two episodes.

All in all, I am very much looking forward to the third episode of Hellami. Best of luck in the future.

Black-Crystal responds:

Hey thanks! 3d animation has helped with achieving the kind of lighting and animations that could be hard to achieve in 2d.

The third one shall be releasing soon :)

Ooooh! Ouch! XD

The sound design of that boulder really sold the impact it had on that poor guy.


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I see Emil from Nier in the back. Was that the Easter egg?

That said, this is lovely work. The teacup does blend in with the background, but it's a minor nitpick. Alyssa's design is quite beautiful, but maybe I'm just a sucker for characters with striking red hair *swoon*

Overall, lovely details in the background.

Ioruko responds:

Yeah, that's him! I love Nier: Automata and I thought why not just hide it in the picture somewhere?
Thanks for the feedback! If I was drawing this scene now I'd change a lot of things, but it's almost 2 years old, so I think I'll leave it be.
Oh, I know, I like red hair and I think it suits Alyssa just perfect!

This reminds me very much of H.R. Giger. The detailing in the head is what brings that to mind.

What really makes this "inhuman" is the eyes. The windows to the soul. Having them blank and dark like what you have here really hammers home the "alien" idea.

All in all, I really love what you have going on here. Beautifully dark and trippy.

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback :P

You have a strong design going on here. Your composition is well-focused, and the colors (can't go wrong with black since it goes with everything) are well-chosen.

However, I do suggest a couple of changes. The lens flare effect is cool and all, but the way it's used here detracts attention from the Grim Reaper, which I'll assume is the main focus. You have a tangent going on with the scythe and the frame which breaks the flow of an otherwise strong piece.

Other than that, I love this. And I agree that it would be an awesome T-shirt design.

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Thank you! I appreciate your constructive criticism

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